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Permanent Make Up Services Available in Dublin

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DermaLS Dublin 4

Derma LS is providing  professional permanent  makeup services in  Dublin 4  Permanent Cosmetics  is  a new revolutionary  procedure in which  skillfully applied Hypo-  allergenic,  pharmaceutical grade  pigments are implanted  into the dermal layer of  the skin... Read More


 Permanent Makeup Dublin

Permanent Makeup is the art form of  cosmetic tattooing. It offers the  ultimate service for the busy woman. A  “natural” look enhancement with subtle  pigmentation that uplifts the face by  defining washed out eyes, brows, and  lips. 

Semi Permanent Makeup Treatments

Our Permanent Makeup Clinic in Dublin will  help you looking gorgeous every day. At  PermaLS we use the most advance  techniques and we have the latest  equipment available. Our technicians are  fully qualified and we offer full after care  support.  
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Permanent makeup is liberating for those who are allergic to conventional cosmetics, have arthritis   or an unsteady hand, exercise a lot or simply desire a more carefree, less time-consuming approach   to their morning regimen. Proper pre-treatment and post-treatment care are critical to the   longevity and durability of your cosmetic tattoo. Be sure to read and understand the care instructions  to protect your investment!  

 Permanent Makeup Eyeliner

Suitable for anyone with pale eyes,  blonde lashes, oily skin, small eyes  needing definition and shape, contact  lens wearers, people with allergies...  

 Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

Getting an eyebrow tattoo or permanent eyebrows can now be done as a painless procedure which will give you the  perfect eyebrows you want...

 Permanent Makeup Lips

Choose from a natural or more dramatic  shade of lip liner and couple with any  shade of full lip colour for a more  defined look...